The Scholar-Athlete Society 2012

The Scholar-Athlete Society 2012

The Cal Lutheran Scholar-Athlete Society was formed in 2003 by the Alumni Relations office. Its purpose is to recognize deserving student-athletes for their performances in the classroom. To qualify, a student-athlete must achieve at least a 3.4 cumulative GPA for the academic year. Inductees are honored at a year-end banquet.

During the 2011-12 school year, a total of 117 CLU student-athletes representing all 20 varsity programs were inducted into the Scholar-Athlete Society. Toccoa Kahovec and Aaron VanKlaveren were selected as the SCIAC Scholar-Athletes and served as key-note speakers.

Fourth Year (15)
Rebekah Casas, Women’s Soccer
Caitlin Coomber, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field 
Brooke Dacus, Swimming & Diving
Jessica Dingman, Women’s Soccer
Toccoa Kahovec, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field
Sara Lichtsinn, Softball
Rosemarie Lombardi, Women’s Soccer
Patrick McCoy, Men’s Soccer 
Christina Messer, Women’s Water Polo 
Jacob Norlock, Football 
Evan Reed, Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field 
Gannon Smith, Swimming & Diving & Men’s Water Polo
Samantha Van Gorder, Women’s Soccer
Aaron Van Klaveren, Men’s Basketball
Jami Whitten, Women’s Water Polo                       

Third Year (10)
Lisa Borgialli, Women’s Golf
Wyatt Byers, Baseball
Kaylin Garcia, Women’s Track & Field
Gregory Giesbers, Swimming & Diving
Brett Halvaks, Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field
Cortney Jordan, Swimming & Diving
Lauren Kennedy, Women’s Track & Field
Chad Kimmelshue, Men’s Golf
Kimberly Kolibas, Women’s Tennis
Lauren Toohey, Women’s Tennis

Second Year (31)
Jessica Armstrong, Women’s Soccer
Jared Beeson, Football
Lindsay Bowden, Women’s Water Polo
Keir Chapman, Men’s Basketball
Tori Dahl, Women’s Track & Field
Derek Field, Men’s Golf
Erik Fruth, Men’s Track & Field
Erin Hedrick, Women’s Volleyball     
Kristina Hulse, Women’s Soccer
Shawn Jackson, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field
Craig Jacobson, Baseball
Hayley Jensen, Women’s Basketball and Golf
Cody Kowalczyk, Men’s Tennis
John Leal, Baseball
John McKinney, Men’s Track & Field
Casy McWhirk, Women’s Volleyball
Anna Medler, Women’s Soccer
Melissa Muntzel, Women’s Track & Field
Andrew Olson, Men’s Track & Field
Kayla Peralta, Women’s Volleyball
Quinn Procter, Men’s Golf
Lauren Rohach, Women’s Volleyball and Track & Field \
Kayla Sakamoto, Softball
Harrison Sands, Men’s Basketball
Kendall Sauter, Women’s Track & Field
Jennifer Shipley, Softball
Bryce Truver, Men’s Soccer
Zachary Wagner, Baseball
Kaitlin Walters, Women’s Soccer       
Cody Yan Yow Kwong, Men’s Soccer
Stephanie Yu, Swimming & Diving

First Year       (61)        
Michael Alvarez, Baseball                              
Andrew Atakpo, Men’s Basketball                            
Blake Barroso, Men’s Track & Field                                      
Kevin Beams, Football                                               
Scott Beatty, Swimming & Diving                             
Danielle Belvedere, Women’s Soccer                         
Jack Bension, Men’s Basketball                                 
Ryan Benson, Men’s Basketball                                 
Ryan Brem, Swimming & Diving                               
Cecilia Calderon, Women’s Soccer                            
Christopher Carr, Football                              
Katie Carroll, Women’s Tennis                                               
Emily Carson, Women’s Water Polo                          
Chelsea Conde, Women’s Volleyball                         
Spencer Dubois, Baseball                               
Danica Engstrom, Women’s Tennis                            
Kevin Eto, Baseball                                        
Andrea Fikse, Women’s Soccer                                              
Ethan Flyer, Swimming & Diving                              
Nicholas Galvin, Men’s Basketball                             
Taylor Guyette, Women’s Soccer                               
Flavio Guzman, Football                                            
Joseph Haiek, Men’s Basketball                                
Michael Harris, Men’s Basketball                               
Rose Haworth, Women’s Volleyball                          
Emily Hnath, Women’s Golf                                      
Mikako Hongo, Women’s Basketball                         
Jake Hutton, Swimming & Diving                             
Adrienne Ingalla, Women’s Water Polo                                             
Linn Kaellenius, Women’s Soccer                            
David Lee, Men’s Soccer                                           
Cory Lewis, Men’s Basketball
Elizabeth Mertel, Softball                               
Amanda Miller, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field                        
Thomas Millet, Men’s Tennis                          
Carly Mouzes, Women’s Tennis                           
Lindsay Murphy, Women’s Tennis                            
Garrett Naumann, Swimming & Diving                                 
Taylor Odell, Men’s Track & Field                                         
Katherine Orkin, Women’s Soccer                             
Tyler Pascoe, Men’s Soccer                                        
Shannon Pearson, Women’s Volleyball                                
Kennedy Peters, Women’s Volleyball and Water Polo                      
Bethany Peterson, Softball
Caius Radu, Football and Men’s Track & Field                                 
Jacqueline Ramsay, Women’s Tennis                         
Cameron Rude, Men’s Soccer                                    
Georgia Rust, Women’s Volleyball                                        
Natalie Samuelian, Women’s Basketball                                
Magen Sanders, Women’s Volleyball                         
Matthew Slaught, Football                             
Renee Standage, Women’s Soccer                             
Hannah Swaney, Women’s Volleyball                                   
Christopher Taylor, Football                           
Alexandria Templin, Softball                          
Taryn Thordarson, Women’s Track & Field                           
Aaron Waters, Swimming & Diving                           
Chantal White, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field             
Taylor Will, Women’s Soccer                         
Taelor Young, Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field              
Tal Zaiet, Men’s Soccer