Cal Lutheran Athletics Mission Statement

Consistent with the mission of the university the California Lutheran University Athletic Department strives to provide a high caliber athletics program supporting both men’s and women’s sports that is designed to foster and compliment the overall academic and intellectual growth of Cal Lutheran student–athletes.  Through NCAA Division III athletic participation our student-athlete is afforded the opportunity to develop as a scholar, athlete, leader, citizen and to discover their purpose and follow that purpose to transform the community and the world.  We are dedicated to establish and maintain an environment that values cultural diversity and gender equity.  We are focused on providing high quality facilities and all the necessary tools to achieve success on and off the field and in the classroom.   The department is dedicated to instilling the core values of leadership, sportsmanship, integrity and responsibility to both staff and students.

Cal Lutheran Athletics Vision Statement

To be a model program excelling in academics and athletics.

It is the vision of the California Lutheran University Athletic Department to constantly develop the student-athlete both physical and mentally.  To be recognized as the NCAA Division III national model for intercollegiate athletics programs for the 21st century by exemplifying the principles and practices of a winning athletics program with outstanding educational values.  We strive to be a leader in athletic achievement as well as NCAA academic measures in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference  and  NCAA Division III.