Center for Performance Excellence (CPE)

California Lutheran University (CLU) recruits and develops student-athletes who: are able people of integrity who play by the rules; reach their highest academic potential and earn degrees; reach their highest athletic potential and win championships; are unselfish leaders and teammates; represent CLU with passion, appreciation, respect, and distinction; are positive, responsible, inclusive; and want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


To help ensure that we meet these goals, we have established The CLU Center for Performance Excellence (CPE). The CPE is emerging as Division III's most innovative and comprehensive student-athlete development program. Its comprehensive programming fosters the development of the “whole person” so that student-athletes grow to embody excellence in all facets of life.


By integrating the athletic department's academic support program, knowledgeable sports medicine team, innovative strength and conditioning regimens, expert sports psychology staff, and certified sports nutritionist, the CPE is dedicated to enhancing the performance and quality of life for the individuals who seek personal excellence on and off the playing field.


To that end, individuals receive specific support for the unique challenges they face as student-athletes. They will train their bodies and minds to reach their athletic potential; they will learn to serve, lead, and follow; and they will become confident young men and women prepared to face life’s challenges.